Indore MGM’s medical college students who asked juniors to perform sexual acts identified…….


Ten students allegedly involved in a ragging case at MGM Medical College in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore over four months ago have been identified, an official said on Tuesday. According to an official complaint, the accused senior students had allegedly asked their juniors to perform sexual acts. Police have been given a deadline of December 15 to file a chargesheet.

The matter came into light on 27th July when the junior students reported the horrific incident by reaching the University Grants Commission’s anti-ragging helpline. The UGC informed the college and demanded strict actions against the accused students. UGC also file a police complaint against the senior students involved.
It was also reported that the seniors forced younger male students to engage in abusive and obscene behaviours, such as forcing them to choose the name of a female batchmate and throwing insults at them.

“Juniors were also forced to slap each other and were beaten by the seniors when they failed to do so. Mobile phones were also kept away from them in the flats so that nothing could be recorded. Seniors also made comments on the body, figure, and skin colour of girl students of the junior batch. Such activities are traumatising and made them mentally unstable due to which they are getting suicidal thoughts as well,” the complaint reads.

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