Apex Court Stays Conviction Of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi In ‘Modi-Thieves’ Defamation Case…….

Last Updated on August 4, 2023 by admin

The Supreme Court on Friday stayed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in a 2019 defamation case over his Modi surname remark, paving the way for revival of his Lok Sabha membership. Supreme Court orders now paved the way for the Congress Party leader to return to Parliament after officially restoring his status as an MP. Moreover, Rahul will also be able to contest national elections which are due next year shortly after the court’s decision the leader issued a statement at a press conference.

A three-judge bench of Justices B R Gavai, P S Narasimha and Sanjay Kumar, while granting Gandhi the relief, said no reason was given by the trial court judge while convicting him except that he was admonished by the apex court in a contempt case. Supreme Court said that least the trial court judge was expected to do was to give some reasons for imposing the maximum sentence provided under the defamation act that led to Rahul Gandhi being awarded a term of two years in jail, having attracted the provisions of the electoral law that envisages automatic disqualification of an MLA or MP sentenced to two years in jail.

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