Decoding China’s New Map and its Implications for India…….

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On April 1, 2024, China released a new map, reigniting tensions with India. In a renewed attempt to bolster its territorial claims, China has released a fourth list of renamed locations in Arunachal Pradesh, bringing the total number of renamed places to over 100. This latest move follows a series of similar actions in recent years, including releases in 2023, 2021, and 2017. Each instance has been met with firm rebukes from India’s Ministry of External Affairs, which consistently emphasizes that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral and inalienable part of India. India maintains that assigning new names does not alter the reality on the ground, and that Arunachal Pradesh has been under Indian administration for decades. India-China border, stretching over 3,440 km, has been a source of friction for decades. The LAC, established after the 1962 war, serves as a de facto border, but both sides claim parts of the territory. Key disputed areas include:

  • Arunachal Pradesh: Claimed entirely by China but administered by India.
  • Aksai Chin: Claimed by India but controlled by China.
  • Western Sector: Several pockets of land along the LAC are disputed.

India’s Perspective: A Challenge to Sovereignty

India views the new map as a brazen attempt by China to redraw established territorial boundaries that have been recognized for decades. This unilateral action by China constitutes a blatant disregard for international agreements, particularly the 1951 Agreement on Trade and Intercourse between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India, and various subsequent agreements that aimed to maintain peace and tranquility along the border. The map’s depiction of Indian territory within Chinese borders is seen as a direct challenge to India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It undermines the sanctity of existing agreements and creates an atmosphere of distrust that could further complicate efforts to resolve the border dispute peacefully.

Today, India strongly rejected China’s renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) considers these names “invented” and insists they won’t change the fact that Arunachal Pradesh is an inseparable part of India. This comes after China released a fourth list of renamed locations, further emphasizing its claim on the state. MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal called China’s attempts “senseless” and reiterated that Arunachal Pradesh has always been and always will be Indian territory.

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