Kerala, India’s 1st Fully E-Governed State, Achieves Total E-Governance…….

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by admin

       God’s on Country, Kerala is set to make history by declaring itself as the country’s first “total e-governed state.” Building upon its reputation as the first fully-literate state inIndia, Kerala has achieved this milestone through a series of policy initiatives aimed at transforming the state into a digitally-empowered society. With a focus on a knowledge-based economy and 100% digital literacy, the government has digitized the delivery of vital services across various domains, ensuring transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility for all citizens. Years after attaining full literacy, Kerala embarked on a journey to become a fully e-literate society. Recognizing the potential of digital technologies to enhance governance and public service delivery, the state government launched several initiatives to achieve total e-governance. The vision for transparent and speedy service delivery to all citizens has been a key driving force behind these efforts.

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