New singer will keep on coming with new music forms – Jaspinder Narula…….

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Bollywood singer Juspinder Narula said that the early era of Indian Film Music was different and today’s era is different which is evident as you listen to today’s music. Change is the law of nature and nothing remains constant for ever. In future also new singers will come and there will be change in songs. The songs which are being sung at present people are liking such songs as well. Earlier singers used to learn classical music, practice a lot but that is now very rare. Music is devotion and the singers have to submerge themself in the deep ocean of music. Narula was speaking during the Kishore Kumar Samman program at Ravindra Bhawan. During the program she shared her thoughts about changing song music. She said that music has also changed with time. New singers are coming up and singing the old singer’s songs in new form and format. The ability of the old singers was different, the ability of the new singers is different. This is the reason why today’s children are probably not able to relate to the olden songs. That’s why new singers are remixing old songs and presenting them in a new ways. I had also remixed many songs, but people did not like those songs. The feeling, the pain that used to be felt in the sound of earlier songs has been lost or hot hidden somewhere in today’s music.
On the question of politics, Jaspinder says that there was a wave of Aam Aadmi Party, so I had made up my mind to join them, but when I went inside, I did not like it, so I pulled myself back. Musician should do music, we should stay away from politics.

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