Over Rs.16,000 Cr Electoral Bonds sold, BJP biggest beneficiary…….

The Supreme Court has struck down Electoral Bonds Scheme on Thursday. The court said that the Electoral Bond Scheme violates right to information which can lead to quid pro quo. All political parties put together received more than Rs 12,000 crore till last fiscal since the introduction of the now-annulled electoral bond scheme in 2018, of which the ruling BJP got nearly 55% or Rs 6,565 crore, according to the data available with Election Commission and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

While the party-wise data for the current fiscal 2023-24 would be available later after they file annual audit reports for the year, ADR put the collective amount of funds generated through sale of electoral bonds between March 2018 and January 2024 at Rs 16,518.11 crore.

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